spring is coming

Friday, February 23. 2018

Walking round the garden to admire the snowdrops with a group of friends the sun came out for a few brief moments and the crocuses opened up their faces to the sky. And suddenly we became aware of the hum of bees among them. Lots of them. One or two massive bumbles but many more little ones busy and lively. Some I think were honey bees but most from the great tribes of solitary bees that make their homes in holes and cracks. It was a magical moment. Ignorant as I am I don't know how they came to spring into activity so quickly or where they have gone now. Since then the weather has been cold and I haven't seen any more. Are they lingering in their shelters waiting for the next balmy day? Gardens are full of these intense and uplifting moments to be cherished and remembered to keep one warm while winter lingers on.

NGS Snowdrop Days

Monday, February 5. 2018

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come to our NGS open days last weekend. We had the full range of weather: drizzle, rain, sunshine (not for long), north wind, sleet and snow. Despite that it was lovely to see so many snowdrop lovers - so many in fact that we ran out of sausage rolls - apologies.

Many apologies too for the awful behaviour of our terrier Isla who attacked two of our visiting dogs, luckily with no harm done.

Now today we have snow. Thank goodness we were spared that at the weekend. Wendy's Gold looks rather lovely with the snow behind.