Passionate about Peonies

Monday, May 13. 2019

May is the time for Peonies and they are wonderful this year. The highlight so far has been some of my seedlings of P. rockii which after 12 years have flowered for the first time!! And how amazingly beautiful they are. The flowers are large and frilled. Some are pure white, some palest lilac but all have luscious purple centres. This is so thrilling for us and so unexpected. The plants which are now shrubs of about 3 feet high had grown unnoticed at the back of the borders where I must have planted them all those years ago and now they have made their debut like debutantes wearing their best at their coming out ball and expecting admiration from everyone who sees them. They have survived on neglect but from now on they will receive much loving care and attention which I hope will not kill them.