A long, gloomy November and December with only a few sunny days made me long for the promise of snowdrops. How delightful it was to see around the Winter Solstice on 21st December our earliest snowdrops in flower in the garden (I don't count the autumn flowerers as they come too soon to be cheering).
Lovely Mrs Macnamara was fully out, now a handsome clump close to the house. She is quite tall and stately and is said to be named after Dylan Thomas' mother-in-law. Three Ships, a more recent acquisition so still only a little group, was also flowering.This snowdrop has very pretty 'V' markings. These are our earliest snowdrops.
Now as I imagine that the days are lengthening a little the warm weather is bringing several more into flower. Colossus is always fairly early and now gives a fine show. Fieldgate Prelude is another regular early one. It has nice X markings and is supposed to be a seedling from Mrs Macnamara. I was quite surprised to see Fly Fishing, which is one of my favourites is out so early.
Now I shall worry that our best snowdrops will all be over before our open days in mid February. We are always anxious that our snowdrops will either be too early or too late but usually the weather sees to it that they flower more or less when expected.


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