More and more snowdrops

Friday, January 17. 2020
This warm and wet winter has meant that not only is the grass still growing but our snowdrops are emerging and beginning to flower in numbers. Some of my favourites are already in bloom. Lapwing, a much loved variety with elegant X marks on the inner petals is in full flower in front of the house.At the top of the garden Fly Fishing, another excellent snowdrop with elongated pedicels is also in full flower. I am hoping for some cold weather so that we will still have a lot in flower when we open for the NGS on 8,9,10 February.

Our view in winter

Tuesday, January 7. 2020

Our view of the Kentish Weald looks wonderful at any time of year but perhaps especially so in winter. We have not had many frosts this winter but I managed to catch this image from the bedroom window by getting up early one morning.