Snowdrop Day postponed until 16th February

Friday, January 27. 2017
We decided to postpone the NGS Open Days on 4/5 February as so few snowdrops are showing. It has been bitterly cold here for nearly two weeks with the ground often frozen all day. The early snowdrops are still in flower, looking a little sad and droopy in the cold, but the main show is on hold. You can see them bravely coming through the frozen earth if you look closely but they are waiting for a little warmth to bring them on. The nivalis carpet in the wood is hidden from view. We did not want to disappoint people with such a poor show so we thought it better to delay.
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snowdrops are here again

Tuesday, January 24. 2017
In the gloomy dark days of early January the early snowdrops do lift one's spirits. Mrs Macnamara was in full and glorious flower soon after Christmas and still looks wonderful now. I intend to add to my collection of early January snowdrops because early January is the time when they are most needed and appreciated. Colossus is in full bloom now but not as good or as early as Mrs Mac in my opinion. I bought one bulb in 2011 and now have a wonderful large clump even though I have given several bulbs away to friends and relations. I am looking out for Lerinda and Midwinter to cheer me up in the short dark January days