Picture of Knowle Hill Farm Garden When we moved to Knowle Hill Farm in 1983 there was very little garden and the 1987 storm destroyed the few good trees. The old box hedges survived which over time have been allowed to develop beautiful sculpted waves and billows. Gradually we created small gardens around the house, sheltered from the wind, each with its own character.

The garden is on a south facing slope with hedges, topiary and shrub borders to delineate the different levels and create distinct enclosures. We always take care to focus on the view with sightlines and glimpses through the planting. A meadow area planted with spring bulbs and wild flowers is slowly beginning to take shape. The windbreak we planted to the west of the garden is full of snowdrops in early spring and the driveway is surrounded by ribbons of different plants which look good all year but need little maintenance.